Writing a book brings CLARITY. You know who you are writing for, and you know what to say to those readers to help solve their problems. This clarity instantly impacts sales of your coaching, training or speaking programs. Let me give you an example:

Here’s your assignment: write a lesson for the prime minister about how to scramble eggs. Easy, you say. You include the ingredients and the method. The tone of your lesson would be … well, I would have said respectful, but that depends on your politics. Whatever your leanings, you choose a tone to address the PM.

And, you add some information about why scrambled eggs are the ideal breakfast for busy politicians. Knowing that politicians like to impress, you include tips about how to plate the dish and add the finishing touches. Alongside your written instructions, you have glossy photos of each step and a full-page colour photo showing the finished dish.

Now, suppose I asked you to write the same cooking lesson for a four-year-old. Instinctively, you change the tone and the content. You’d include details like ‘get a big mixing bowl’. The PM knows to do that, but a four-year-old needs more detail. You’d use fewer words. Maybe you would choose cartoons or diagrams rather than photos.

The content is the same: how to make scrambled eggs. But you include fresh ideas according to the audience you are writing for. You do this with ease. Your instinct kicks in. You just ‘know’.
How does this affect growth and sales? Your crystal clarity shines through in all your marketing and your sales calls.

I have seen this time and again in the authors I work with. This clarity is the very first step in my program, Brain to Book in 90 Days.

Suddenly, their business takes off. I used to think it was a coincidence. Now I know it is not. Clarity creates confidence and confidence converts.

🤔 Who do you help with your services or products, and how do you help them?