I ain’t gonna lie. Writing a book is a big job. You are going to be busy getting it done—even in my super-efficient program Brain-to-Book in 90 Days.

I estimate you need about one hour per weekday, plus the mentoring and training sessions you have with me across the 90 days—if you follow my system. You might need to get up an hour earlier each day, for example, to get your book done.

But you know, it’s not the time commitment that stops most authors from getting their books done. It is self-doubt.

So how can you tell if you have something important to say in your book? How can you overcome self-doubt? You might think this sounds ridiculously simple, but the answer lies in your experience.

Here’s the question to ask yourself: “Have I—as a coach, trainer, speaker or consultant—helped people with my ideas? Have I taken my clients from confusion to clarity, from problem to solution?”

If your ideas HAVE made a difference to the people you have worked with, why do you feel doubt about their value?

Well, there is one niggle—often unspoken—that can hold would-be authors back even when they know they have impacted their clients. Here’s that niggle…

“My ideas are NOT ORIGINAL enough.” Is that a worry for you? Do you, like many experts, worry that your approach is an assemblage of ideas that you have come across over the years and have mixed together to work your magic?

Here’s the thing. That magic mix is your unique blend. It’s what makes your ideas original. Unless your practice involves delivering someone else’s intellectual property hollos bolus, you are doing what every other expert is doing—curating ideas.

That is the very nature of expertise. Choosing the best, most effective ideas to help the people you are working with.

Am I saying that you don’t need to be original to write a book? Of course not. I am saying that when you pull together your ideas in your own unique way, as you have done in the past to help your clients, you can write a brilliant book.

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