If you have written a book, I want to congratulate you. That is a HUGE accomplishment. But of course, the very next question you are asking yourself is “How do I share my book with the world?”

It doesn’t matter whether you have self-published or published in the traditional way, every book needs a marketing strategy to reach the right audience.

As the founder of Brain to Book in 90 Days, I offer ALL my clients a complete system to use LinkedIn as a business building tool so they can leverage their books to grow their revenue and fees.

Like my Brain to Book program, LinkedIn for Authors is a simple system. Here are five reasons why it works:

  1. It is not about spam. It is about creating personalised messages (efficiently) that you direct carefully to people who will find them most valuable. Respectful.
  2. It uses ALL six principles in Robert Cialdini’s brilliant book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. But it is very much about his first principle – reciprocation. Good old give and take. You use your book in various ways as a gift to create a relationship of trust and then invite people to do business with you.
  3. This system automates what can be automated (without breaking any LinkedIn terms) so you are free to concentrate on personalising the messages that matter.
  4. It costs almost nothing to execute this LinkedIn for Authors strategy.
  5. You can delegate many of the tasks in the process, so you only spend your time on the highest value interactions.

I have used this system over the years to build over $600,000 in sales. For example, I met my client, Mike Adams, on LinkedIn after he read one of my posts. Mike went on to write and self-publish his book, “The seven stories every salesperson must tell” using my program.

Here’s what Mike says about the outcome of that social media exchange: “Using Kath Walters’ unique approach, my book became an Amazon #1 best seller in its category in the UK, US and Australia. I’ve appeared on 50-plus podcasts and built a growing clientele of Fortune 100 companies.”