Here’s a secret about writing a book in 90 days that you might not know – yet.

Did you know that Australian journalists get six-week holidays a year? Anyway, I noticed that before I took a holiday from writing for Business Review Weekly, under the pressure of getting all my done by the time I left, I could write a 3000-word feature story in the morning. I felt like I was flying. Invincible.

But when I got back from the holidays, writing a paragraph was like wading through mud. I’d go round and round in circles. I’d second guess every word. Was I a better writer before I went on holiday? Nah.  

I realised that writing is 99% momentum.

If you want to write and publish a book, it’s the momentum that makes it happen. Your ability to express yourself with elegance and beauty is directly proportional to the amount of writing you do every day.

Not only it is possible to write a brilliant book in 90 days, it will be a better book because of the momentum the short deadline creates.

When do you work better under pressure?