One reason I love using the app ProWritingAid is its “Sticky Word” report.

Sticky words—also called “glue” words—are strange little creatures. They are essential to any sentence. They make it make sense. They go between the “working words” to hold the sentence together.

But you can have too many of glue words, and then your sentence gets slow and sticky.

See that sentence I just wrote? That is a sticky sentence. It has too many glue words.

Here’s how I need to re-write it to make it flow.

“But too many glue words can make your sentence slow and sticky.”

Isn’t that fun? I love that report. No one wants to write gloopy sentences. Yuk.

So if you are using the ProWritingAid app to check your readability—another terrific report—check-in for sticky sentences.

PS: As the author of a book called “Sticky Content: Mastering the Delicate Art of Content Marketing” I wish the app makers had called it the “gloop” report, not the sticky report. Sticky can also be good. Sticky content is memorable content. Sigh.

🤔 What is something sticky that you love (or hate)?