I am a child of the ’60s, a time when we didn’t realise just how dangerous all those recreational drugs were…😬

But now we know. So, we’ve all turned to jogging, hugging, and smiling to release all those happy chemicals. Great ideas, one and all, but you may have missed one from your list.

Welcome to the “writer’s high”.

Writing makes you happy. Well, more precisely, finishing writing makes you happy. You know: the moment when you click save, press publish and send off your ideas into the universe. That gives you a little zap of the happy chemicals in your brain that puts a spring back in your step, according to Dr Ronald Kellogg, author of The Psychology of Writing.

Even the process itself is good for your overall well-being. Writing about future goals and dreams will give you an endorphin high. And writing about your thoughts and feelings calms you when you are stressed. And when you are confused, writing clears your mind.

So add journaling, blogging or authoring to your daily routine of boosting your happy chemicals.