It’s my sensitive, smart and strong daughter’s birthday tomorrow. Everything about tomorrow for me is about my gratitude that she is healthy, happy and here on this planet.

Now, let me ask you a question: When you read those words, did they change the way you feel about this newsletter?

If so, let me explain why. It’s because I put my words in context. The context of a special day, a meaningful day. A day to celebrate.

When you write, you can change your readers, too, by putting your words in context. Framing is another word for it. Frame the way you communicate information, and you will change the way your readers feel about it.

It might sound complex, but here’s a tip about how to do it — just be honest. If you cannot cover every aspect of a topic in your book or post, tell your readers honestly and then tell them what you can cover.

If sometimes what you write about makes you sad, say so. And tell them why.

🤔 When has the context changed the way you felt about something important?