Do NOT launch an online course in 2023! Here’s what to do instead…

Here’s the thing. An online course will cost you a bomb to make, and people will pay peanuts to buy it.

That’s if they buy it at all. It is weird that people quibble so much about spending $27, but they do.

Yes, people DO successfully sell online courses. But they spend vast amounts on marketing. (Hats off to you, Grace Lever).

Here’s a better plan: capture all that intellectual property you are pouring into your course in a book.

And I am not (just) saying that because I’m a book coach.

I say that because, in my experience, your prospective clients value your book so much more than your online course. Even if you GIVE it to them.

They keep it. They are chuffed about it. They read it (or perhaps parts of it). And they are super impressed by it.

So, if you are tossing up whether to create an online course or write a book, choose a book.

Spend your effort in a way others will recognise as generous, valuable and smart.

Write a book.

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