Here’s an unusual tip if you are undecided about writing a business book.

Make a list of the work you will NEVER have to do again when your book is published.
Here’s my list.
  1. Sell your programs. Your ideal client will come to you.
  2. Undercut the competition. You wrote the book in your field. The rest are the me-too crowd.
  3. Explain who you are on the phone.
  4. Persuade people to have coffee with you. Most people will be delighted to meet you and get a free copy of your book.
  5. Miss out on a paid speaking gig because the other person has a book.
  6. Deal with tyre-kickers. If they haven’t read your book, they are not really serious.
  7. Watch your marketing budget disappear without any return. You will break even on costs within two to five sales. Every sale thereafter is profit.
  8. Think up blog and post ideas. Use your book content in blogs and posts.
  9. Write lead magnets. Offer the first chapter of your book.
  10. Wonder if you are good enough. If you are not convinced after writing your book, you never will be.
Anything to add to my list? I’d love to hear from you.