Cheesecake never changes. Different toppings, maybe. Better or worse, certainly. But cheesecake is cheesecake. And that’s why we love it, right?

Marketing is changing. AI is turning our world upside down. But books are books. They are still on top of the ladder when it comes to positioning you as an authority, the go-to person, and the cream of the crop.

BS, you cry! AI is writing books. Soon we will not know the difference between “real” authors and their artificial counterparts. I disagree.

Yes, AI will set a new standard to beat. You’ll need better ideas, better structure and better writing to stand out from the crowd.

But that is not the ONLY reason why AI can’t write your book. It’s because AI can’t eat cheesecake.

It doesn’t know why we all love cheesecake (except strange people).

It doesn’t know how it feels to put that crumbling, moist moment of surrender onto your tongue and swallow, despite all you know about the health effects.

So sit down and surrender to your book-writing itch. That is human, too. The drive to write and share what you know with the world.

Stand out while you still can.