Perfectionism gets a bad rap—after all, I don’t want the pilot for my next flight to be anything short of perfect.

But seriously, what I really love about the perfectionists is that they are so respectful of other people that they don’t want to inflict a half-baked effort on anyone out there. I mean, I know that isn’t the only reason for perfectionism, but it’s part of it.

When writing a book, perfectionism can be a show-stopper, however. Authors can get stuck in a loop of finding better ways to write, express an idea and a million other flourishes, and never finish their books.

I’m all for hitting a high standard. I am all for respecting the reader. So I encourage my clients to set their standards high and aim for brilliance. A brilliant business book shines.

Choose a word that resonates for you instead of perfect. Superb. Delightful. Entertaining. Fun. Gripping. And set your sights on reaching that goal.

It will make for a brilliant book.