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Blog cred: Three tricks journos use

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A good journalist can write about anything with authority, even subjects about which they know little. However, many company leaders tell me that they struggle to bring an authoritative voice to their blogs, even though they really are experts in their field.

Here are three tips that will help you overcome your qualms and write with confidence on your chosen subject:

Do your research

Google makes it easy to write about anything. Even if you are an expert in your field, your blogs will benefit from a quick search on the subject. That’s how I started this blog, and I got five hits on the exact topic. A quick read of other people’s views helps you to shape your own thoughts. You can also make sure to distinguish your ideas from someone else’s. If you find another author who has exactly the same viewpoint, don’t worry. Simply quote them and you will lend even more authority to your piece.

Draw on your experience

There are a few key phrases that are very handy when you want to draw on your own knowledge to substantiate a point. These are phrases like:

  1. In my experience with clients over the past five years
  2. People I work with tell me (see above, where I wrote “company leaders tell me” …)
  3. What I have found through my years of working in the field

Variations on these phrases build your credibility in the mind of readers.

Interview other experts

This is the heart and soul of journalism. When we know nothing about a subject, we simply go to those who do, and interview them. If you are an expert in your field, you have the advantage of knowing who might be a great subject for an interview on an aspect or current debate in your industry or profession. Remember to keep your ego at bay, however, and ask simple questions of your expert because you are writing for your customers, not to impress your peers.


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