The second remarkable power of finishing is ‘Recognition as the authority you are’. (The first remarkable power was in last week’s newsletter: ‘Make more money’. Gotto love that.)

If you are not recognised as an authority, you weaken your position in the marketplace. Of course, you are an authority, but the recognition part is missing.

You may see your competitors:

  • Publish work that is not as good as yours, but still win market share
  • Come into the market after you, but be seen as the leader
  • Start winning work from your clients
  • Draw on your intellectual property without permission or acknowledgement.
  • Drive your prices down.

Here’s how finishing helped me gain recognition. By finishing dozens of stories every year, I became known as a journalist. Readers followed my stories and told me they found them valuable. University lecturers used my stories in their courses. Some of the companies I wrote about bought extra copies of my stories. (Some were not so pleased). I became known as an expert in small business growth and venture capital.

Later, I built my book coaching business by blogging every week.

Who are your go-to authorities? I am a big fan of Robert Cialdini, author of Influence.