You can bet your bottom dollar that if you decide to write a book, something big will come up and get in the way. You’ll get super busy. Or sick. Or change jobs or move houses. Or all of the above. Yikes.

Should you put it off? Will there be a better time? I reckon there are three signs that you are ready to write a book…

  1. You have an important message you want to share with the world. You know it will really help people. Writing it feels like an itch that you must scratch.
  2. You’d like to be known for your expertise—you have a lot of knowledge and would like this to be acknowledged by the market.
  3. You know a book would benefit you by opening doors, staying ahead of the competition, and increasing your credibility (and fees).

So why put it off? Most of us have a secret fear. Some express it thus: “Who am I to write a book?” I summarise it as follows: “I am not sure if my ideas are strong enough, and I am worried I will make an idiot of myself.”

If you tick the three above, you are ready to write a book. In my experience, the way to conquer the fear is to follow a process and get it done quickly—in 90 days in my process, Brain to Book.

If you’re ready to write a book, book a call with me using the link below.