Push yourself past your writing limits as an author. It’s now possible. It’s this aspect of AI Writing Assistants I love the most. It’s liberating.

What are the opportunities? Well, you can go beyond your usual thoughts and preconceived ideas, explore new writing styles and techniques, and experiment with voice and tone. You can delve into new topics and learn about them quickly (if you check the facts). You’ll find new inspiration and fresh perspectives.

That’s cool. I’ve spent my whole life having fun with writing. I love the doors this new technology opens for all authors and writers.

What’s the catch? Well, it might take you 10 times as long to write your blog posts until you get familiar with how to use AI Writing Assistants effectively. Hey, it’s a rabbit hole!

Also, you are going to have to be careful to stand out from the crowd, and keep your originality and creativity. AI is the paintbrush. You are the artist.

If you could write in any style or way in the world, what would be your favourite?

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