When is an idea big enough for a book and not just a lot of fluff built around a blog post?

That question is a tricky one. After all, how many of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People do you actually recall? All seven? For most of us, one or perhaps two of Steven Covey’s have strongly influenced us. For me, that doesn’t mean I devalue Covey’s book.

One of my favourite books — “Value: How to talk about what you do so people want to buy it” by Robyn Haydon — is probably about 25,000 words long, but it is still full of valuable ideas.

This question really pertains to depth. How do authors deeply explore an idea? The short answer is research. The best books show readers new facets of a topic that they think they know. Over Xmas, I read the book “Breath” by US journalist James Nestor. Who would imagine there is more to know about an activity I do without thinking every minute of my life? But there is.

🤔 What’s a book that added to your depth on a topic?