Towards the end of the year, it’s a struggle to keep the creative juices flowing, don’t you find?

Creativity is wonderful, but it’s energy-consuming. We cannot stay at a creative “high-tide” all the time, say Jeff and Julie Crabtree, authors of “Living with a Creative Mind”.

Jeff and Julie use the “tides metaphor” to describe the flow of creative energies. At high tide, we are full of energy, floating on a creative sea, landing big fish, and surging ahead.

At low tide, our boat is stuck in the mud, listing to one side, and looking awkward.

But for every high tide, there is a low one. Boat owners use the low tide to do vital tasks– scrape the barnacles, repaint, fix the nets, relax in the afternoon sun.

Accept the highs and lows and you will keep the precious gift of your creativity in good shape.

If your creative juices are ebbing, here are 3 low-activities.

  1. Book yourself a sleep retreat at home
  2. Spend summer in the mountains, and walk in the cool clear air
  3. Write about something new, whatever is uppermost in your mind.

What are your favourite rest or “low-tide” activities?