Would your book pass the ‘Shredder Test’?

There is a growing trend for experts to write books, but few have written a book series. Business development expert, Robyn Haydon, is the exception.

Haydon is an early adopter of self-publishing. She wrote her first book 10 years ago, and used it to launch her consultancy.

‘I’m a business development advisor for people who go after large customers and contracts in multiple millions of dollars. I help people who want training and coaching to write winning proposals, and I also work with them on the proposals themselves.’  Read More


Every day without a business book is costing you money

How does an additional $120,000 revenue sound to you today?

Authors I have interviewed have earned at least $120,000 more in revenue after publishing their books. Instantly? No, not instantly. But over time, their books have led to a sustained revenue lift of $120,000.

That is one reason why every day that passes without you writing and publishing your business book is costing you money. But there are more reasons.  Read More