How does an additional $120,000 revenue sound to you today?

Authors I have interviewed have earned at least $120,000 more in revenue after publishing their books. Instantly? No, not instantly. But over time, their books have led to a sustained revenue lift of $120,000.

That is one reason why every day that passes without you writing and publishing your business book is costing you money. But there are more reasons.

Market share

Many thought leaders tell me that word-of-mouth has kept them in business for years. Recently, however, that flow of work started to stutter.

They have found themselves losing market share to other consultants who have written books. Sometimes their rivals have less robust ideas and are not as experienced. But they are still competing for and winning gigs.

Suddenly, these thought leaders are playing catch-up, and that really erodes their positioning as leaders and experts.

Your professional bucket list

I am doing a speakership training course with Trav Bell, better known as The Bucket List Guy. Bell has helped me realise that we all have a bucket list lurking not too far below the surface. There’s our personal one, and there is our professional one.

A business book is your passport to ticking off the big items on your professional bucket list.

For Andrew O’Keeffe — an expert in leadership and change and the author of Hardwired Humans: Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts – having primatologist Dame Jane Goodall launch his book was up there on his professional bucket list.

Goodall is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, studies of which O’Keefe uses in his book to explain our human instincts. She has done several national tours of Australia with O‘Keeffe, talking about the similarities between the chimps she has studied for 55 years, and we humans.

Tap into the untapped

Your business book is about untapped opportunities – untapped revenue, markets, and professional opportunities. Potential is a wonderful word and living to your full potential is a wonderful way to live.

So tap into your potential. Set a deadline for publishing your book and get it out there, and see what unexpected opportunities open up for you.

Tell me: Have you written a book that has delivered you unexpected opportunities. I’d love to hear about them.

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