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How US President Donald Trump makes writing my blog more fun

I sat down at a café table a month ago and watched my daughter’s eyes brim with tears at the implications of the US President Donald Trump coming to power. The hate, the division and the stupidity floored her. I feel the same.

At that moment, I decided to make sure every blog I wrote this year included a reference to the stupidity of President Trump. My blog is not a political one – it’s about the positioning power of writing business books and blogs – but weaving a reference to President Idiot into all my blogs makes my task more fun.

We are drawn to do what is fun. What is fun, is easier to do. For thought leaders, writing a regular blog is a vital step in building your authority and position, so finding ways to make the job easier and more fun equals a smart move.  Read More


Lessons from a chocolate-brown poodle about active voice

About 10 days ago, a chocolate brown poodle ran in front of my push bike, and I couldn’t stop in time. I fell off and ended up in a hospital with a broken wrist and received what the doctors like to call lacerations (horrid gashes) to my knee and my forearm. Ouch.

I am not writing this to bring a tear to your eye. Well, that’s not true. I do want you to feel my pain (a little). I prefer you to worry more about me than about the chocolate brown poodle for example. (He is alright by the way.) And so I wrote this first couple of paragraphs in the active voice.

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How to write so you won’t get sued

When you enter the world of publishing, you enter the world of media, copyright and intellectual property law. The biggest risk is that you will defame someone, and they will sue you. I try not to discuss stuff that can go wrong as a writer; most people are already terrified of publishing.

However, this is important because it’s easy to make a slip up that might land you in court, paying a fine, or pulping your book. We publish to build our reputation, not to have it trashed. In the world of social media trolling, you might think that no one cares. They do.  Read More


Your Xmas Gift: Time to think

One of the biggest gifts of Christmas is our collective decision to take some downtime. It gives us time to think and reflect. Sure, we seem to have to work ourselves into a lather of busyness before giving ourselves permission to rest. But then we try – en masse – to chill out.

The fact that we all let go of our to-do lists at the same time shifts the energy. We can breathe, notice the sun, smile … maybe even stop swearing at the traffic.

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Would your book pass the ‘Shredder Test’?

There is a growing trend for experts to write books, but few have written a book series. Business development expert, Robyn Haydon, is the exception.

Haydon is an early adopter of self-publishing. She wrote her first book 10 years ago, and used it to launch her consultancy.

‘I’m a business development advisor for people who go after large customers and contracts in multiple millions of dollars. I help people who want training and coaching to write winning proposals, and I also work with them on the proposals themselves.’  Read More


Every day without a business book is costing you money

How does an additional $120,000 revenue sound to you today?

Authors I have interviewed have earned at least $120,000 more in revenue after publishing their books. Instantly? No, not instantly. But over time, their books have led to a sustained revenue lift of $120,000.

That is one reason why every day that passes without you writing and publishing your business book is costing you money. But there are more reasons.  Read More


How I used focus ‘hacks’ to write a book in 90 days: Author Renee Giarrusso

For leadership and communications expert, Renee Giarrusso, writing a book in 90 days meant some personal sacrifice. Her busy training practice meant the only hours she had to write were outside business hours. This is time she usually spends doing yoga, cooking or relaxing with friends and family.

Given the sacrifices she was making, Giarrusso didn’t want to mess around. She puts a high priority on personal time, so she promised herself that her sacrifice would not go beyond 90 days.

Of course, we are all human. Our best intentions are distressingly easy to derail, especially in the evening and on the weekends. Giarrusso was ahead of herself; she outwitted any self-defeating tendency to frig around. Here’s how she hacked her focus:  Read More


The transformative power of writing your book

For Vicki Saunders, holding her first book in her hand was the greatest achievement of her life.

Called SPONSORSHIP FOR ATHLETES, Saunders’ book meant that life could be different – for her as well as her readers.

She says: ‘So many things in my life had been incomplete. I had given up. I got academic scholarships, career opportunities, and placements, but I quit them all when they got hard or boring.’  Read More