Your Xmas Gift: Time to think


One of the biggest gifts of Christmas is our collective decision to take some downtime. It gives us time to think and reflect. Sure, we seem to have to work ourselves into a lather of busyness before giving ourselves permission to rest. But then we try – en masse – to chill out.

The fact that we all let go of our to-do lists at the same time shifts the energy. We can breathe, notice the sun, smile … maybe even stop swearing at the traffic.

How can you make the most of this community sigh? Here’s my tips:

  1. Surrender

I am so guilty of resisting downtime. I ruin my own rest. Surrendering to downtime is easier in the Christmas break because we are all doing it together. Be grateful and take the opportunity to let go.

2. Savour

The gifts of rest are bountiful. Great ideas pop into our head. New perspectives come to us out of the blue. We see familiar scenes and people in a new way. Savour the gifts. Jot down your great ideas and perspectives, and then get back to the party. Revel in the opportunity to let your mind freewheel.

3. Create

Now’s the time to get stuck into a creative project – like writing a book! Resting is not always about doing nothing; it’s about doing something different – and doing it creatively.

If you are writing a book over this Christmas period, ask yourself: ‘How could I make this creative project more fun; turn my creative project into a game; make what I am doing funnier, lighter, more joyous?

This year has been one of the most challenging and the most exciting of my life. I have felt so much fear, and so much gratitude.

For you, dear reader, oh Sticky One, I feel nothing but gratitude. My blog is taking a rest during the month of January, but I will be back.

Now, it is time to say Namaste. Thank you for coming on the journey.


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