How to write a social media post or blog from your book


It’s easy to write a social media post or blog from your book pretty well. It’s much harder to do brilliantly.

Books are timeless. Blogs and social media posts are not. So how can you repurpose content from your book to promote your ideas, your book and you?

The answer lies linking posts and blogs back to day-to-day issues.

Right now, for example, the fires in NSW are a big news story. On 31 October, the Australian Productivity Commission released a landmark draft mental health report. Today, the greyhound

racing industry came under fire for live baiting using native wildlife.

Find current issues that relate to your ideas, your book and your authority and make the link for your readers.

Make it valuable (not tabloid). For example, SmartCompany published a story about what to do if your business is affected by bushfires this week. Not sensationist. Topical. It’s an evergreen issue – disaster planning – made topical by the fires.

Look at what is topical for your clients and readers, and show them how your ideas relate.

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