When speed to market is an issue, self-publish


When you self-publish, your book will hit the market within four to eight weeks of finishing your manuscript. With a publisher, expect nine months to a year.

Every day without a business book is costing you money. You miss opportunities, risk a competitor publishing before you, and spend more time and effort on marketing.

So why add an extra 210 days (at least) to your publishing timeline?

Once you have sent your manuscript to your first readers for comment, got it back and incorporated their thoughts, you are ready to edit.

Book your editor, proof-reader and designer well ahead of time, and then you can expect:

  • Two to three weeks for editing.

  • A week to proofread.

  • Two to four weeks for design.

Digital printing is the quickest of all. But don’t skip getting a single printed copy to proof before you place your order for 50 to 100 copies.

A week all up to print, including proof.

Two months, whoa to go from finished manuscript to self-published book.

Q: What might stop you from self-publishing? As an advocate, I’d love to know what stands in your way.

See more reasons to self-publish here.


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