Tip #5 from my series, 10 Fabulous Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

You know Bunnings killed the local hardware store? It’s sad, but that is not my point. Bunnings used a strategy called the “category killer”.

It pulled together paint shops, nurseries, hardware, timber shops, outdoor furniture and all that stuff under one roof and “killed” the category of hardware.

Your book is the category killer of marketing tools. From your book comes your whole marketing strategy.

If you are smart.

Let’s line your book up against the advertiser’s tool, the four stages of the buyer’s journey:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision
  4. Loyalty

Your book dovetails neatly into every stage.

  1. Awareness. 

  • Give away your first chapter to start relationships
  • Sell your book to those wondering if they need your help.
  • Share posts that are drawn from your book, so buyers understand your value.
  1. Consideration

  • As your buyer reads your story, they experience your expertise, get to know you and build trust without having met you.
  • They discover how well you know them and their problems.
  1. Decision

  • When a buyer meets with you, reward their decision with a free copy of your book, even if they have already bought it.
  • What a gift. Your decades of experience crystallised and packaged beautifully. Wow.
  1. Loyalty.

  • Every client you ever worked with gets a free copy of each new book you write. Reward them. Nurture them.

Writing a book simplifies your marketing strategy. It delivers ways to connect, build awareness, foster trust, clinch decision and reward loyalty.

And, it’s one strategy for the next three to five years.

That is a category killer.

Time to write your book.