In days of yore, a publisher paid you an advance. And they paid for publishing costs such as editing, design, marketing and distribution. Times change.


Today, some publishers charge you fees to publish with them (not all do this). You get a contract to buy copies of your book from them (usually at half RRP). They ask you to give your books away to “seed” the market and build a buzz around it.

That is a good strategy, but it is a high price.

I have heard of contracts where authors must buy $20,000 worth of books. (Goodbye guest room.)

Add the cost of advertising. Seen those airport ads for authors? The authors often foot the bill.

Self-publishing is cheap by contrast. Even with a book coach (like me ;-), editing, design and printing, you won’t spend $20k.

Your costs depend on how much help you need, and whether you choose local or overseas suppliers.

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