I have a confession to make.

In the three years since I published “Sticky Content”, I have sold fewer than 10 copies.

YET I earn a 6-FIGURE income from my book each year.

So, if it is not from book sales, where does the money come from?

Sales of my programs.

My book does what I intended it to do:

  • Build trust with my readers and potential customers.

  • Show what I know (rather than just telling them).

  • Open doors to new clients.

  • Keep me ahead of the competition (still Australia’s first and only book on content marketing.)

  • Sell me, my ideas and my programs.

Traditional publishers are in the game of selling books. You are in the game of selling your expertise.

Unless you are an international bestseller, you will make more money faster if you self-publish, and stay focused on the right metrics.