Easter is coming. Whatever rituals you have for Easter, these four days offer a change from the daily routine. That is why you might consider using them to plan your next book (or your first book).

The shower theory of creativity

You know how you always get your best ideas in the bath or the shower? I believe the scientists know all the neurochemical reasons, but as far as I am concerned, it’s because you are relaxed. Whenever I relax, great ideas pop into my mind. When I am tense or anxious, my ideas are sh*t (which makes me feel more tense and anxious. Sigh.)

Easter can be like a four-day shower: a chance to take your mind off the anxiety loop and into creativity.

Draw on the wall

I am not suggesting you spend all your precious Easter break planning your book, so I will make a single suggestion. It’s prompted by a witty reminder posted by thought leader @Lynne Cazaly about the creative freedom generated by putting stuff up on your walls.

This Easter, put your book outline up on the wall. One page per chapter, one topic per chapter with three to five topics under each chapter message. Once you have stuck them up on the wall, you can look at all your chapters together. Now ask yourself:

  •         Does each chapter support the overall topic of your book?
  •         Does each chapter make sense on its own?
  •         Would the chapters make more sense in a different order?
  •         Have I repeated any ideas or stories unintentionally?
  •         Is there too much information, not enough or just right?

Move the pages around a lot. Take snapshots of your various configurations. Play around and have fun. Rearrange the pages in a “silly” order. Perhaps it’ll make more sense or feel more exciting to you.

Then get back to eating chocolate. Come back to your ideas when you get back to the desk. Now it’s time to start writing your book.