Tip #6 from my series, 10 Fabulous Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

Hands up if you have been in the following cycle: do some marketing, get busy, stop marketing, sales slump. Market, busy, stop, slump.


Meanwhile, costs are constant. Rent, tax, staff.

Here’s my challenge to you: Big upfront marketing effort. Long-tail return.

Books turn the marketing ROI-to-cost ratio upside down.

OK. Yes. It’s massive to write a book (even in 90 days).

But then you have three to five years:

  • sharing your first chapter to build trust
  • giving away and selling your book to win clients
  • repurposing its content to attract attention
  • drawing on it in your programs
  • adding it as a bonus to your clients
  • winning speaking engagements
  • increasing credibility and fees.

And the next book you write reinvigorates the first book.

Writing and self-publishing your book increases returns over time. And decrease effort over time.