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Simplify your marketing strategy.

Tip #5 from my series, 10 Fabulous Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

You know Bunnings killed the local hardware store? It’s sad, but that is not my point. Bunnings used a strategy called the “category killer”.  Read More


Avoid this massive no-no when pitching your book to publishers

Sending your finished manuscript to a publisher increases your chance of a rejection slip.

That’s right. The last thing publishers want is your full manuscript to read.

How do I know? Because publishers tell you what they want these days. Which leads me to my final tip in my series of 10 Tips to Win a Publishing Deal (find the other tips here). It is this:

#10 Follow the publisher’s pitch guidelines

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Have you made this rookie mistake when pitching to a publisher?

Back in my journalism days, I got regular phone calls from folks pitching story ideas (bless them). There was only one kind of pitch I would NOT listen to. It went like this:

“I saw your story last week on [blank]. I have a great story about [blank]. Would you be interested?”

So, here is my answer, which is also my penultimate tip in my series about how to win a publishing deal.

Tip #9: Don’t pitch a book about something they recently published.

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