By Kath Walters

Call me a nit-picker, but I don’t think the word “passion” belongs on our CV or in the workplace – at least 99% of the time.

Only yesterday I heard another great example of why. A friend of mine, who works in one of the big banks, told me the bank is using “passion” as a key performance indicator! It is no longer acceptable to come to work, enjoy it, do it well, collaborate with our colleagues, and then go home feeling satisfied (if we are lucky); we must do so with an exhausting emotional intensity!

This story, however, is not about what happens when human resources departments grab hold of an idea they do not understand.

This story is about the one work-related activity that I really believe we should feel passionate about, and it’s one that gets a really bad rap.

It’s a passion for process.

The content marketing process

Process is worth an emotional investment, worth caring deeply for, because process is very rewarding.

Process is the answer to many of the toughest questions in any creative pursuit and content marketing, at its best, is a creative pursuit.

So, what is the process by which we generate great content marketing? Here’s a diagram that shows you.


Our process starts with content, which is based on a strategy. I love simple strategies for content. The American company, River Pools and Spas, has a simple content strategy, which is to be the best blog about pools in the world.

The second step is about conversation. This is about using our content as a means to engage with customers and potential customers. It’s about being responsive and agile. For example, if your readers generally prefer short blogs, write short blogs. If they prefer podcasts, start broadcasting.

Conversion is the final step. This is about how we get past the virtual relationship and into the real world; how we deliver value with such generosity that our clients feel proud to work with us. Conversion takes us from the general to the specific, from waving to the crown to shaking hands.

Content marketing also delivers ongoing value to your clients between your projects or after your work together, enhancing loyalty and fostering referrals.

Make a date with process

How can we show our passion for such an elegant process? We simply dedicate time to it. When are you going to create content? When will you converse with and respond to your readers? And when will you reach out and invite connections to meet with you face to face?

For a process to become a passion, we need to make a date with each of the steps, and get to know and love them. Each step will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.