How to use headline help tools without looking silly

This is the third in a series called How to Brainstorm a Year’s Worth of Blog Topics in Four Hours. You can read the first and second in the series by clicking on this link.

I nearly called this blog: Responsible for the content marketing budget? 12 top-notch ways to spend your money. That was a headline I generated from a cool tool made by HubSpot called a blog topic generator.  Read More


How to keep your blog posts fresh and fascinating

This is the second of my Blog Series: How to brainstorm a year’s worth of blog topics in four hours. If you missed the first one, Why Every Author must Blog (even if they don’t want to), click here.

What is a blog? Not everyone agrees what constitutes a blog, so we are going to start with a definition. So I have an essential reason for exploring the meaning of blogging: the answer to keeping your fresh and fascinating, week after week, lies in how you define the gig.  Read More