Find the story

By Kath Walters

In every good piece of writing, from blogs to emails, there is a story. If you want your writing to influence your reader, that story is the Star of Bethlehem. Follow it religiously.

I’ve been reading a classic text about writing by Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson. It’s called: Writing that Works: How to Communicate Effectively in Business Read More


How to get instant results from your blog

By Kath Walters

Content marketing, or blogging, is a fabulous tool for attracting new customers. But it takes time to convert readers into customers. Just like dating, no one gets married the first time they meet!

That’s a bit of a problem, isn‘t it? You need results right now. As business leaders, we must keep the money flowing in. As marketing directors, we must deliver results to get bigger content marketing budgets.

And then there is the matter of measurement. How can we show our blog is delivering a return on investment?  Read More


Before you appoint a content marketing agency, ask this important question

By Kath Walters

Before you engage a content marketing agency, ask them this important question: how much will you pay my writers?

There’s big bucks in content, but the people at the base of the pyramid – writers – are missing out.

Unfortunately, most content marketing agencies don’t pay their writers nearly enough. Expectations are high; pay is pathetic.  Read More