Is this story going to help you today?

By Kath Walters

Is this story for you?

Every time we see a new blog post, we ask ourselves this question, even if we are not aware of it.

As readers, we look for relevance before everything else.

Once we establish that a story addresses our needs, desires, motivations and fears, we ask ourselves two more questions: Do I have to read this now? Can I trust what I am reading?  Read More


A very good reason to become the president of your industry association

As money wasters, industry associations fall into a category of their own. In many cases, they deliver value far under the fees they charge.

Here’s a way to make them pay: take a leadership role, and use it to build your media profile.

Journalists often seek comment from relevant industry associations, especially if they discover good “talent”, by which I mean someone who is succinct, available, and has firm, informative views.  Read More


The story behind the story: Brand values that rock your content marketing program

By Kath Walters

When it comes to content marketing, the stories you publish work a lot harder than you might realise. A content marketing program does a lot more for your brand than share some of your knowledge and experience with your readers.

I notice that marketers often worry that content marketing messages are not explicit. I’d argue that they are, but we convey those messages differently:  they are shown, not told.  Read More


Three fail-safe tactics to avoid media coverage going pear-shaped

By Kath Walters

Fast-growth companies often attract media coverage whether or not they want it.

The phone starts ringing when a company attracts venture capital, wins a blue-chip client, or ranks on one of the several “Fast” lists (BRW, Deloitte, SmartCompany).

This is both a priceless opportunity, and a massive risk.  Read More