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How to prepare a book chapter before you write it

Great ideas are more common than you think. I have several of them every day. Book titles, catchy phrases, new business innovations. I am a genius in my own mind. But (and yes, there is a but), the sheer brilliance of my thinking can evaporate when I start to write it down.  Read More


Your stake in the sand: How writing down your ideas protects your IP

Books are a generous gift. As an expert writing about your expertise you will share so much of your wisdom, your experience, your hard-won lessons. Typically, within the stories and idea you capture with sheer dedication and determination, is everything you know about how people can get out of a problem they face.  Read More


Small steps get results

Several weeks back, I fractured my leg. Long story, but suffice to say, I’ve literally been taking small steps (on crutches) as I wait for it to heal (big goal). You’ll see the parallel here with writing a book. It’s a big goal. Achieving it takes small steps. But many thought leaders make this mistake in their approach.  Read More


Why this year’s IWD is the most important ever

(Warning: this blog might offend some people.)

I became a feminist at the age of 15 when I was treated to a sudden and shocking political awakening. I left the Canberra Girls Grammar School and went to the School Without Walls (SWOW). There I met communists, feminists, and openly gay men and women for the first time in my life.  Read More


Why writing a book commands so much respect among buyers

The world of training, consulting and coaching are full of fly-by-nighters. People come and go. The stayers are few and far between. With good reason. Only the best survive.

Staying power

Thought leaders are stayers. They are the coaches, trainers, speakers, entrepreneurs that stay in business.  Read More