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Publishing: How to avoid rejection slips

If you have pitched your book to multiple publishers, and received only rejections, does it mean there is something wrong with your book? Of course not. Think J.K. Rowling and the 500 million Harry Potter book sales, which the 12 publishers who rejected her are weeping about today.

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When to give away a copy of your book

You slaved over your book, spending your most precious commodity: your time. Then you paid for coaching, editing, design and printing. You have put so much into writing your book, and getting it into the world, that giving it away might seem foolish.

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How to choose a book coach

Since I started coaching experts to write books (in 90 days), quite a few other providers have joined the market. Cool. There is room for everyone. However, for would-be authors, the choice is more complex.

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Second-guessing is not a useful kind of question

If you have ever wondered about the decisions you make, this blog post is for you.

I spent the last 20 minutes deciding the topic of this blog. I started several times. So why the time-wasting? I was practising the least useful form of questioning –  second-guessing.

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The anatomy of being curious

What’s the difference between curious people and the rest of the world? We are all experts at being curious as kids, but we finish schooling with our curiosity damn near dead.

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When to focus on asking questions

If you, like me, love to ask questions, this is a cautionary tale.

Sometimes, you will ask a question you regret. Or wish you asked a question, but didn’t.

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