How to link all the ideas in your chapters to make a cohesive book

Reading a book should be like floating gently down a river towards an ocean of possibilities. To keep our reader receptive to our ideas, we want them to be ‘in the zone’, effortlessly connecting with what we say, and gliding from one idea to the next. Yes, we want them to be excited, and busting to get to the end of the journey. But we want the ride to go without a hitch.  Read More


When, why and how to approach a ‘traditional’ publisher with your business book manuscript

One of the most common questions I am asked by my clients is, ‘How do I get a book deal?’  or, ‘How can I get ‘traditional publishers’ to publish my book?’

Since I began my 90 Day Book program, I have helped a couple of authors to get global publishing deals with a traditional publishing house, which is pretty amazing since I’m an advocate of indie authors – the self-publishing model.  Read More