What is a business book, and what makes it sell?

You’ll never guess what the dictionary definition of a book is: ‘a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewed together along one side and bound in covers’. Yep — that encompasses many possibilities, doesn’t it? In fact, as far as definitions go, your book can have blank pages and still qualify for the noun. Millions of blank books sell every year — why didn’t I think of that!  Read More


Easy ways to promote your new book

Promoting your book is the big gig for all authors. I saw a great example of this at a book launch last night. The place was packed. I know the author, Lennox Nicholson, a little and can’t wait to read his book, On the Wagon. It’s a sober version of On the Road, the American beat generation Jack Kerouac’s journey of self-discovery. Nicholson’s has a happier ending; Kerouac died of alcoholism in his forties! But my point is this: writing the book took Nicholson three years, yet his journey as an author is just beginning. His big gig now is to get the book into the hands of his fans.

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Are you the expert you think you are?

Have you noticed how confronting it is to put your ideas down on paper? We believe we are an expert until we start writing.My clients often tell me they experience a sinking feeling as they write: a feeling of unworthiness. A question arises in their mind along these lines: Who am I to write this blog or book?  Read More


7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Blog (and Book)

Rant, whinge, whine, barely transparent sales pitch, waffle, unconvincing – we don’t want our blogs (or book) to qualify for those epithets. Powerful blogs are both persuasive and respectful. They outline the views of the author, then give readers all the arguments in a debate, including those on the opposing side. They leave the reader (that’s us) to decide for ourselves if we agree. Respect, right?  Read More