21 Reasons Why Blogging Will Never Die

Do we need another blog? It’s a question that I get asked a lot. Fair enough. Given that there are 2.5 million blog posts a month, you might wonder if we do need another blog.

My answer is ‘yes’, of course. I am a blogger. But if you have any doubts, I would like to lay them to rest with my list of 21 reasons why blogging will never die. And once you have put aside your doubts, you can focus on how to start your blog, keep it going and make it the best it can be (which I personally think is a better use of your time).  Read More


Best Business Book Bloggers of All Time

I’m not the only business book blogger out there who can help you write. Because I spend a lot of time reading about writing books, I’ve discovered some of the best sources of wisdom around the world. If you follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter, you’ll know that I share content from other bloggers every day. Some marketers (not all) might say that if I introduce you to these other book writing experts, you might decide someone else’s blog is better for you than mine. I’ll lose you. And I’d miss you.  Read More