How I used focus ‘hacks’ to write a book in 90 days: Author Renee Giarrusso

For leadership and communications expert, Renee Giarrusso, writing a book in 90 days meant some personal sacrifice. Her busy training practice meant the only hours she had to write were outside business hours. This is time she usually spends doing yoga, cooking or relaxing with friends and family.

Given the sacrifices she was making, Giarrusso didn’t want to mess around. She puts a high priority on personal time, so she promised herself that her sacrifice would not go beyond 90 days.

Of course, we are all human. Our best intentions are distressingly easy to derail, especially in the evening and on the weekends. Giarrusso was ahead of herself; she outwitted any self-defeating tendency to frig around. Here’s how she hacked her focus:  Read More


The transformative power of writing your book

For Vicki Saunders, holding her first book in her hand was the greatest achievement of her life.

Called SPONSORSHIP FOR ATHLETES, Saunders’ book meant that life could be different – for her as well as her readers.

She says: ‘So many things in my life had been incomplete. I had given up. I got academic scholarships, career opportunities, and placements, but I quit them all when they got hard or boring.’  Read More