Can anyone write a (great) book in 90 days?

Ninety (90) days is a generous time frame to write a great business book. And the faster you write it, the better it will be.

Most would-be authors don’t believe me when I tell them they can write a book in 90 days. Three years sounds more realistic to their ears. They are tempted to believe me, but they have a niggling suspicion that keeps undermining their belief – it wouldn’t be a book worth reading. How could it be a quality book?  Read More


How to handle criticism of your book

When novelist Richard Ford read Alice Hoffman’s reaction to his book, The Sportswriter, in The New York Times, he reacted to the insult by shooting one of Hoffman’s books full of bullets. Among Hoffman’s offending comment about Ford’s book was this one “… it suffers from a lack of compelling action and an emphasis on Bascombe’s dry meditations that obscures and minimises the complex domestic structure the author initially presents.”  Read More


How personal can your business book be?

The next sentence comes with a warning – it’s going to be boring and slightly annoying. Here goes: I’m a dedicated yoga practitioner. On the weekend, I went to three classes – breathing, and stretching deeply, and calming my mind.

Did you want to stop reading after the first few words? Did you feel a little jacked off at the underlying smugness of my words. For the rest of you, the question that instantly popped in your mind is ‘So what?’

 Every reader has a finely tuned radar for pointless personal stories. Here’s another version of my personal story.