Is there an “ideal” platform for writing a book?

Distractions are so delicious for book writers. We’d like to read another book to make us more confident. We’d like to buy a new notebook, to get a new laptop, and to hear another author speak. Anything but write our books. Are you with me on this one? And the mother of all distractions is technology. Facebook, email, Instagram, Dr Google. Isn’t ‘surfing the web’ a perfect metaphor – a joyful but ultimately purposeless distraction from getting on with our day.

We face a risk with searching for the ideal platform to write our book that we may end up spending our writing time endlessly surfing instead of actually writing. This post provides a shortcut to your ideal book writing technology platform and that’s the end of that. You have no more excuses but to write, dear writer.  Read More


Is your book finished?

A childhood friend of mine described his journalism cadetship at a major daily newspaper – he’d write and submit stories every day by the deadline. Every day they would get ‘spiked’.  After several months without his stories being published, things changed. His stories got into the paper. One of the big advantages of working in journalism is learning when your story is finished: It’s when it makes it past your editor. In the modern world of self-publishing, it’s harder to know when to stop writing and rewriting. We are our own gatekeepers; writer, editor and publisher.  Read More