Tearing down the walls

By Kath Walters

What’s between you and your reader? When it comes to writing, this is a useful question. A big part of great writing boils down to removing the barriers that get in the way of understanding, empathy and entertainment.  Read More


The pitfalls of blogging, and how to steer clear of them

By Kath Walters

One of the biggest impediments to blogging is our fear of stuffing up. We don’t want to appear foolish by making a mistake that only a rookie would make. We want to have something to say, but we don’t want to write something so offensive that we lose all credibility. And what if we don’t even make sense?  Read More


Waffle or jam?

By Kath Walters

While some of us are inclined to waffle when we write, others are inclined to jam.

Interestingly, ‘jamming’ is more common. Writers are good souls for the most part and are keen to serve their readers by providing lots of information. That is what I mean by jamming – I mean crowding our blogs, reports or emails with lots of data, ideas, actions and insights.  Read More