You’re surrounded

Writing and reading permeates our everyday life. We have never read or written as much as we do today.

Think about your day. Think about your email alone. And, at what other time in history, would you have received and read hundreds of ‘letters’ a day. In what era would you then be expected to write answers to dozens of them!  Read More


GiveGet: Grow your business without cash

By Kath Walters

When Sam Kurikawa finished a contract role last year, she was at a loose end. Trained as an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) teacher, and with a wealth of travel and work experience behind her, Kurikawa wanted to use her eclectic work history to her advantage in her next venture.

“I had an idea to freelance as a freelancer’s freelancer.  Read More


Taming the inner demon

By Kath Walters

We all have an inner critic: the voice inside our head that comments on our every thought and action. Typically, the inner critic is not very kind to us. Psychologists will tell us that the inner critic’s voice reflects the stories we have internalised from our childhood when  Read More


Why blogging on LinkedIn matters

By Jane Anderson

One of the more recent changes to LinkedIn has been the capability for anyone to be an influencer. Previously, the role of influencer was reserved for about 500 professionals, including Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington and Guy Kawasaki. Now, anyone can be an influencer on LinkedIn.  Read More