Make the audience the hero

By Kath Walters

The High Tea Society is an accidental masterpiece. Well, not completely accidental. It’s just that the website’s founder, Michelle Milton, never really expected her creation to turn into such a runaway success.

With an audience of 70,000-plus, the High Tea Society is a content marketing case study: how to build an audience, turn them into a community of raving fans, and turn the whole gig into a money-making venture.  Read More


Why your phone isn’t ringing

By Kath Walters

There should be a special word for the feeling of dread we feel when the phones fall silent in any business. Call it what you will, we all know what it means: we might be busy now, but we will not be busy for long. There are problems ahead. Tight cash flow. Too much time and not enough to do. Lying awake at night scouring the corners of our minds for solutions.  Read More