Content marketing for the naturally reticent

By Kath Walters

Annie Bolitho is an expert at facilitation. The more complex the issue and the more diverse the stakeholders, the happier Bolitho is to help.

Naturally reticent about “selling”, Bolitho has taken an unusual approach to content marketing that allows her to combine her skills as well as her interests, and it’s delivering benefits.

Urban planning is a complex issue with diverse stakeholders, and it’s where Bolitho is often called in to facilitate. Before setting up her consultancy five years ago,  Read More


Can your ideas stand up to critics?

By Kath Walters

Not everyone agrees with my thoughts on media relations.  For example, I recommend to my clients that, when they pitch a story, they alert the journalist to a contact who disagrees with them! That’s because I ensure my views and ideas can stand up to critics.

I have good reasons for my position on this.

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Five kick-arse awesome acts to save our planet (and make your blog a disaster)

By Kath Walters

Are you guilty of overpromising? I am. And I realised the full extent of my descent into this murky, desperate habit when I dropped into my favourite bookshop, Readings in Carlton, yesterday.

The shelves were replete with headlines making big promises – and I mean big. Entire planets saved, personal problems evaporated, business profits tripled, five steps to personal enlightenment. Admittedly, I was in the philosophy, business and personal development sections.

The point is this: in our effort to be seen among the daily blog deluge, it’s really tempting to start promising our readers way too much.

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“Hoffice”: A cool productivity hack for struggling bloggers

By Kath Walters

If you are struggling to get your blog written on a regular basis, here’s a productivity hack that might help you. It sure helped me today.

It’s an idea invented by a Swedish group – they have called it “Hoffice”. It’s a whole new way of working from home – working from each other’s homes, actually – but it’s not just about networking. It is about productivity.  Read More


How you become the media with content marketing


In my new podcast with NewsModo, you’ll learn the best way to tackle content marketing.

Highlights include: how your brand can publish your own media; how to publish content that is appealing to consumers; why content marketing is the best way to respectfully sell to your consumers; and why your brand should write about your rivals.

It’s part of NewsModo’s founder Rakhal Ebeli’s brand storytelling series, which features podcasts with ANZ’s head of digital and social (and a great friend of mine) Amanda Gome,    journalist and businesswoman Valerie Khoo, Buzzfeed Australia editor Simon Crerar.

Hear more at NewsModo.