How to write that first blog post – and keep writing

By Kath Walters

Articles and blog posts are incredibly valuable in raising your brand and furthering your profile as an expert in your field. But often people find them hard to write, especially when they face writing their first piece.

There’s a reason that you – and many other people – might be struggling to write regular blog posts.

It’s because a typical blog post is what we and journalists call an opinion piece, and opinion is the hardest kind of writing to pull off successfully.

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Does content marketing work for “boring” industries?

By Kath Walters

Suffering insomnia? Here are some magic words that will put you to sleep in seconds: superannuation; accounting; balance sheet; facilities management in commercial office buildings; storage.

But what if that is your gig? What if you are responsible for the content marketing campaign in any one of those so-called “boring” industries? Can you write “sticky” stories that your readers simply must read right now, this minute, if that’s your brief?

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How to get the most value out of your LinkedIn posts

By Neil Patel

Whether you are trying to appeal to other businesses or position yourself for finding a high-paying job, LinkedIn is a social network you can’t ignore. Posting on this social network, which has over 250 million active members, is a great way to grow your brand and generate income.

If you are still not convinced that LinkedIn is a channel worth leveraging, take a look my infographic (below). I created it to explain why you should be leveraging LinkedIn and how to get the most value out of your LinkedIn posts.

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Let’s stop trying to make feminism popular

By Kath Walters

Many women are troubled by the idea that identifying as a feminist will pigeonhole them, create a false impression (of some sort) and limit their prospects.

The fact that so many women resile from the feminist label is widely seen as a ‘failure’ of the women’s movement.

History – or should I say herstory – proves them wrong.

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Did you make this mistake last Friday the 13th?

Why do we read a story? Or perhaps I should ask, why do we read a story NOW?

Timeliness is a key element of what makes a story engaging – or sticky, as I prefer to say.

We click on a story and read it right now if we feel that we really must have the knowledge within it this very minute.

Here are some reasons a story might be timely.

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Would you like a Facebook joke with that? Comedian Jordana Borensztajn on being creative online

By Kath Walters

It was not a good date; it was an awful date. Jordana Borensztajn, former journalist and self-confessed social media obsessive, had met the guy online – “of course”.

When her date turned out to be a horrible experience, Borensztajn was pretty rattled. “The only way I could cope was talking to my friend afterwards, and I was relaying the conversation and speaking the way he spoke, and by the end she was laughing until she cried,” says Borensztajn.
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A brief secret

By Kath Walters

Producing engaging content tops the list of the 10 biggest challenges that Australian marketers face, according the recent study, Content Marketing in Australia 2015: Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends.

Of the 251 marketers surveyed, one in two (50%) named producing engaging content as a challenge even bigger than lack of budget (a close second at 48%) and producing content consistently (46%).

So here’s a secret: a big part of the recipe for story quality is the story brief.

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Why a press release is worse than useless

By Kath Walters

If you want a journalist to write about you, your messages or your company, the press release is your worst enemy.

Although the idea of the press release has become ubiquitous, it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what goes on in a journalist’s mind.

Below is a model that illustrates, in my view, the journalist’s mind.

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A simple writing technique to overcome perfectionism inertia

By Bryan Collins

When you have to create fresh topics for your blog each week, sometimes you just feel stuck.

Since finding a way into your readers’ hearts and minds is your goal, you can exhaust your brain trying to find that perfect connection. As a result, instead of producing the perfect piece of content, you accomplish very little or nothing at all.

Several years ago, I discovered a writing trick that helps me overcome these types of perfectionism problems.

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Must-have words to include (and omit) from your email subject line

By Ayaz Nanji

Want to find out the most effective and innfective words to use in the subject line of your email? Well, to save you the trouble of researching 21 billion emails, I’ve included this data from and published at MarketingProfs.

The results are kinda weird: the words vary for different industry sectors, and seven are included here, including media and entertainment.

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