90 Days to your Brilliant Business Book

Do you wish …

… you could share your important messages – the ones you know help others learn – and be recognised as the expert you are?

Are you frustrated …

… that your competitors steal the clients you’d most love to work with? Or worse, your client referrals are drying up?

Maybe you’ve thought …

… about writing a book, but didn’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve seen some of the ‘expert’ books written by entrepreneurs that have a fancy cover, catchy title and no valuable content.

How I help

If that’s the case, then I can help. As a business journalist for over 20 years, I’ve reached a corporate audience of more than 80,000 people writing for Australia’s leading business publications.

Now I’m passionate about helping consultants, thought leaders and subject-matter experts position themselves in the corporate marketplace.

How do I do that? I use my writing and probing interview skills to help you to:

  • Discover your uniqueness and your message. I show you what to focus on and what to leave out of your book
  • Uncover which of your ideas are robust, relevant and on target with your market
  • Extract the unique aspects of your ideas and structure it so the content is valuable and positions you as an expert
  • Write based on my honest feedback, so you are proud to share your book with the world

My flagship program

I do this through my flagship program “90 days to Your Brilliant Business Book,” which helps you write a ready-to-publish manuscript in 90 days.

What’s more, my proven system provides a plan, structure and accountability to start your book correctly, and takes you on a step-by-step journey of writing, editing, designing, printing and publishing your book.

Get clarity by speaking to me one-on-one

To get clarity on whether your ideas are suitable for a business book, I offer a 30-minute free Discovery Session. And you receive a free copy of my book: “Sticky Content: Mastering the delicate art of content marketing.”

Click HERE and TALK to me about your BOOK – I offer this discovery session FREE


Write a brilliant business book that you are proud to share with the world