90 Days to Your Sticky Business Book

I mentor you to write a Sticky Business Book — one that makes your ideas (and you) stick in the minds of readers


I interview you to create chapter one. You write, and I guide you through focusing, structuring and getting the work done, polished and ready to design and print.


I interview you to create six of your nine chapters. You write three chapters solo, plus your intro and conclusion. I guide you to review and polish your manuscript, and through design and printing.


I interview you for every chapter plus introduction and conclusion. Together, we review and polish your manuscript. I manage (but do not pay for) the design and printing for you.

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Sticky Blog Bootcamp

As a thought leader — a coach, mentor, trainer or speaker — your blog builds credibility, trust and business.

While it’s easy to start a blog, it’s hard to keep it going. You slip into a ‘blogging rut’, unable to find the inspiration to produce great content consistently with your busy schedule.

In this four-hour session you will:

  • brainstorm a whole year’s worth of sticky blog topics in just one four-hour session
  • discover the secret to great interviews
  • apply the five-step process of writing to create sticky blogs
  • use my super simple, seven-step review process that takes your writing from good to great to sticky
  • steer clear of common blogging pitfalls
  • use writing hacks that increase your productivity ten-fold
  • learn how to turn your sticky blogs into a business book

I freaking LOVED this Blog Bootcamp.  I got so much out of it and had several “mind officially blown” moments.  Kath’s relaxed and understated style makes the ideas, concepts and processes fully accessible even for us amateur writers.  I recommend this workshop unreservedly for ANYONE who is currently, or planning on writing blogs.” Donna McGeorge Thought Leader, Workplace Culture

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FIRST STICKY BLOG BOOTCAMP in Sydney Friday 7 July: 9am to 1pm REGISTER here at EventBrite

Sticky Content Marketing

Sticky content is the key pillar of your content marketing program.

It’s more than having something interesting to say; it’s about including three essential elements in every sticky story.

Get it right and you will turn readers into customers. Get it wrong and you will bore people to tears. And you will end up hating the task of generating new content every week.

As a business journalist for over 16 years, I can train businesses like yours in how to get it right by creating awesome high quality, sticky content:

  • quickly and cost-effectively
  • with a consistent, streamlined approach
  • to turn readers into customers

Seven steps will take you from content rookie to content whiz. If you are already creating content that is not working hard enough for you, this content strategy will identify where the problems lie – and how to solve them.

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Sticky Questions

Sticky questions get the best answers.

Learn the four essential interview questions and how to turn the answers into a sticky story.

If you are not familiar with the process, interviewing can be scary, and also time-consuming. But it is also exciting and fun. I have spoken to thousands of fascinating people (and a few crooks) in the process of researching the 1.4 million words I’ve written in the past 16 years. The experience is exhilarating and often inspiring.

An interview – at least one, and ideally more – is the foundation of most sticky stories, and is essential to writing a case study, which I recommend as a great way to get your blogging or content marketing on a roll.

In this seminar I reveal:

  • the four essential questions to ask in every interview
  • the role and purpose of each question and the reason for asking them in a particular order
  • how to get an answer even when your subject doesn’t want to tell you one
  • which order to write the answers in order to make your content sticky 

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Media Comment

I am available to provide succinct, relevant media commentary at short notice on topical issues such as:

  • the role and purpose of content marketing
  • how to get your content to stand out from the crowd
  • the role of journalists in creating content marketing.

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Hames Sharley Architects

Hames Sharley is a flourishing architecture practice that began content marketing in February 2014, publishing five stories fortnightly in its e-newsletter and on its website. Since starting its content marketing program, visits to Hames Sharley’s website have grown, the stories are well read by its customers and prospects, and the practice has received multiple mentions in mainstream media publications including the Australian Financial Review, the West Australian, and Architecture + Design.

The Growth Faculty

Karen Beattie, founder of The Growth Faculty, had brilliant content to share with her enormous database of clients, but needed a plan to unlock that content, publish it on a regular basis, and distribute it to her clients. The content strategy behind TGF’s new weekly blogs and fortnightly e-newsletters has raised the faculty’s email open rate from 25 percent to 50 percent-plus.