How do you know if your content sucks?

Create Sticky Content

Your readers don’t tell you. They just don’t come back.

  • Find out how to capture readers
  • Turn them into customers
  • And make more money

By making your content sticky

“Kath Walters is the ultimate business communicator”

Carmel Ackerly, Acting CEO, AIM VT

Kath Walters has reached more than 20 million people with an estimated 1.4 million compelling, informative and carefully-researched words written for top-quality print and digital media mastheads.

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Content not bringing clients? Here’s why:

… it doesn’t attract and hold readers

Readers are ruthless. They sift through content to find the best on the web. The average webpage visit is 10 to 20 seconds. But once readers find fabulous (sticky) content, they stick around.

Your content marketing* program, which is all about engaging and attracting customers, lives and dies on the quality of your content.

The recipe for sticky content contains only three ingredients. Miss one of these elements, and your story will suck.

* Content marketing means creating and distributing content to attract and engage a target audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Source: Content Marketing Institute (adapted)

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Sack your PR agency NOW (before they do more damage to your brand)

I used to have a folder where I kept a collection of the stupidest pitches I received from PR agencies. These were the ones that were so bad they made me and my colleagues laugh. But there were hundreds of others that were simply useless, and got thrown straight into the recycle bin. Sadly, companies are paying PR agencies to write and send this kind of rubbish; the average retainer is $10,000 a month, according to the PR Institute.
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“Kath Walters is super smart, fast, efficient, always reliable and great at taking and interpreting a brief. I recommend her highly.”

Amanda Gome, group head, strategic content and digital media at ANZ Banking Group

About Kath Walters

I am specialist at turning words into revenue. For 16 years, I’ve unearthed engaging stories for Australia’s leading media mastheads.

Now, I show businesses like yours how words can make you money. The secret is in the quality of the content.
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“Kath Walters is a thought leader in content marketing with deep expertise in writing, storytelling, journalism and business. She is able to translate this in practical, commercially pointy and relevant ways to generate the best results for her clients. Kath is smart, has deep integrity and is a pleasure to do business with. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.”

Yamini Naidu, speaker, author, mentor