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With 16 years experience as an editor and senior journalist in the mainstream press, I have an established track record for creating great content -- stories, links, tweets, blogs -- quickly and efficiently across a wide range of industry sectors. I am an editor, journalist and content marketer.
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Some Apps that Help with Writing (and Some to Avoid)

September 13, 2017 12:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Professional writers have wings. Hacks. Apps. Tricks. When you write for a living, you want to get past the barriers – fear, the first sentence, the blank screen – as fast as possible so you can meet your deadline. Knowing this, app developers are out there trying to help us. Don’t you just love ’em! I’ll include some I use, some I’ve heard about and haven’t tried, and some I’ve discovered in writing this story. If you try them, please tell me what you think of them.

The Sacred Pause

August 30, 2017 12:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In minutes, I am heading for my weekly restorative yoga class. In this class, I become my opposite. Not doing, being. Not rigid, yielding. Not active, passive. Not striving, but surrendering. When I walk in, I lie down on my mat, the first thing I take is a big breath and sigh. Aaaah, home. It is time to pause.

The cure for doubt is not faith; it is curiosity

August 16, 2017 2:16 pm Published by Comments Off on The cure for doubt is not faith; it is curiosity

I’ve made a living from doubt (I’ll explain shortly). I’ve frolicked in its bounty and have cried under its lash. Doubt can be cruel and merciless, and hold us back. It can be the burning sun in a waterless desert. It can be an icy wind that whips away our cloak of confidence. We want to run from self-doubt (I am sure that is not just me). We want to bathe in the cool, clear waters of conviction. But conviction is dangerously beguiling. US President Donald Trump has risen to power by promising rubbish with great conviction.

Your readers really are judging you: What can you do about it?

August 8, 2017 8:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It's not good news, is it? A big part of my professional life is spent encouraging thought leaders to get their ideas down on paper in book form, publish them, and send them out into the world: something about which many of them feel diffident, to say the least. And now, here I am, pointing out that whatever you put out there in writing (blog, book, white paper) will, in fact, be mercilessly judged by your readership.

What is a business book, and what makes it sell?

July 26, 2017 3:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There is nothing in the dictionary definition about how many pages make a book, what size it should be, or if it must have one word or 20 or 5000 words per page. Even so, will your readers be satisfied if you give them a book that is 10 pages long, with one word a page? I think not. Let’s define what readers expect from a business book, and how to make them so excited that they buy yours.

Easy ways to promote your new book

July 20, 2017 1:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Promoting your book is the big gig for all authors. I went to a book launch last night. The place was packed. I know the author, Lennox Nicholson, a little and can't wait to read his book, On the Wagon. My point is this: writing the book took Nicholson three years, yet his journey as an author is just beginning. Promoting his book is his big gig now.

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Blog (and Book)

July 5, 2017 12:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Rant, whinge, whine, barely transparent sales pitch, waffle, unconvincing – we don’t want our blogs (or book) to qualify for those epithets. Powerful blogs are both persuasive and respectful. They outline the views of the author, then give readers all the arguments in a debate, including those on the opposing side. They leave the reader (that’s us) to decide for ourselves if we agree. Respect, right?