About me

Hi, I’m Kath Walters and in my experience, the hardest thing for businesses is not getting started with content marketing; it’s keeping going.

Producing great content that gets customers excited on a regular basis is not easy, but it is possible.

As a business journalist, I have reached an audience of more than 20 million people with an estimated 1.4 million words in my time, so I know what it takes to produce high-quality, sticky content. Now I want to show you.

Over 16 years, I’ve written for some of Australia’s leading business publications, including BRW, the Australian Financial Review, LeadingCompany, SmartCompany, Boss, Crikey and Business Spectator.

Start turning content into customers today

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Terms and Conditions

Our partnership is based on responsibility. You are responsible for your own experience, choices, and actions. That means participating fully in the work in this process and committing to seeing it through.

I want to you to succeed and to enjoy the process. At times, day-to-day pressures from the business will sway your attention. If you feel frustrated for any reason, please let me know.

I cannot stress enough how much value this program will provide in the short and long term. Make a commitment to yourself to make this a focus for the duration of your program. I take due care in all the information that I provide, but I am not liable for any decisions you make in the running of your business.

Confidentiality and Information Collection

In the natural course of business, I collect information that helps me provide you a valuable service. I will keep it in the strictest confidence. Please do the same with mine.

My policy is to record the minimum information. If you have any questions about our information collection, please ask.

Modification of Terms

I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement. I will provide written notice of these changes.

Payment Terms

To reserve your start date, payment terms are 50% on agreement to proceed and the remainder on the start date.


We can accommodate one appointment change per program. However, if you cancel a  session within 24 hrs of our appointment, we cannot reschedule. We will move to the next session unless agreed.

Consultations do not accumulate. You will forfeit any sessions outstanding after 90 days unless we negotiate this in advance.


At the completion of your program, our partnership will be at an end. If you want to extend our partnership, I’d be delighted to discuss that with you.

Either party can terminate the agreement.

Payee Details

I will forward you invoices according to your chosen program option.


You agree not to use any of my intellectual property or material without my permission. This includes teaching, coaching, training, consulting or any other business endeavor, either directly or in an adapted form. It also includes all material on my website.